Who can do it?

Tandem paramotoring & paragliding is suitable for all ages and abilities however the minimum weight we can carry is 20 kg and the maximum is 100 kg. Passengers must be able to run steadily for a few steps on take off. It is the passengers responsibility to decide whether or not they are fit to fly (eg. not pregnant / heart conditions) and if in doubt should consult their doctor. Anyone under 18 needs written parental consent.

How fit do I have to be?

You must be able to maintain a steady run for take off and landing the rest of the experience will be spent sitting comfortably in the harness. We can accommodate most people’s needs, so if you have any concerns, just contact us first.

What do I wear?

We could be flying a few thousand feet above the ground with a constant airspeed of around 30kph, so even if it’s warm on the ground it could be a little cold in the air. We would recommend bringing:

  •         something warm and preferably wind proof
  •         gloves
  •         a sturdy pair of boots

Is it dangerous?

As paramotoring & paragliding is an extreme sport there are inherent risks associated with flying however Peak Paragliding pilots have many years of safe flying behind them. We have a duty of care and will do everything within our power to keep you safe.

What can I expect during the flight?

Experience flight like no other aircraft with veiws of Sheffield, Peak District and surrounding countryside. If you fancy something a bit more extreme to get your adrenaline pumping we can perform some wing overs or spiral dives with G forces of up to 5G.

How long does the flight last?


We guarantee flight lasting 30 minutes with a paramotor experience.


An average paraglding flight lasts around 15 minutes however it can be longer or shorter due to weather conditions.

When can I fly?

Please book a preferred day when you purchase your tickets.  We will have a weather update the night before the planned flight at 7-7.30pm, so please call 07413 701771 confirm whether your flight can go ahead or not. However, paramotoring and paragliding is weather dependent. We need the right conditions to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable flight. If the condition differs from forecast and it is not suitable to fly , your flight will be rescheduled.

Terms & Conditions View Full Terms

1) Please fill in the following form with the person taking part in the tandem experience.

2) Once you have filled out the form and paid please get in touch at [email protected] to book in with a preferred date. As paragliding and paramotoring is very weather dependent sport, flying on a particular day is not guaranteed. If the conditions change it is at the discretion of the pilot to decide if it is safe to take off and fly. If this turns out to be the case you can book in for another day free of charge.

3) If you are flexible to fly either on a paramotor or paraglider then we will have a much better time of working with the weather on the day you book in, if you only want to fly a paramotor OR paraglider please mention this in your email.

 4) A voucher lasts for 6 months and flyers can book one preferred date at a time


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