Collaboration with Salt Street Productions

  • Ed’s stoked to get in the air.
  • Photo by: Anna Paxton


Salt Street productions got in touch with us here at Peak Paragliding asking if it would be possible to shoot some subjects from a tandem paramotor. On the 5th of April Ed Birch (passenger and videographer) and Anna Paxton (ground camera operator) from Salt Street met Theo Warden (our pilot) for a test shoot. We started with a safety and flight briefing before setting up the tandem motor to take off for the first flight with no filming equipment. This gave Ed a chance to get a feel for filming as a passenger.  The first flight was smooth and pleasant which gave Ed the confidence to strap on the Red Optics Epic 6K worth £26,000 for the next flight.

Here are some drone shots from the day stuck together.