Paragliding flights take place in the heart of the Peak District. Paragliding is one of the closest forms of free-flight to flying like a bird. So, take to the hills of the Hope Valley with our experienced tandem pilot. All it takes is a few steps and you will be in the flying through the air with nothing but the wind, and nature as your engine. Paragliding flights last an average of 15 minutes. However, it can be longer or shorter due to weather conditions.

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Peak Paragliding is the only tandem operation that offers tandem paragliding experiences in and around Sheffield and the Peak District. Get in the air with our experienced tandem pilot that will give you an expert introduction into the sport and guide you though your experience.

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1) Please fill in the following form with the person taking part in the tandem experience.

2) Once you have filled out the form and paid please get in touch at [email protected] to book in with a preferred date. As paragliding and paramotoring is very weather dependent sport, flying on a particular day is not guaranteed. If the conditions change it is at the discretion of the pilot to decide if it is safe to take off and fly. If this turns out to be the case you can book in for another day free of charge.

3) If you are flexible to fly either on a paramotor or paraglider then we will have a much better time of working with the weather on the day you book in, if you only want to fly a paramotor OR paraglider please mention this in your email.

 4) A voucher lasts for 6 months and flyers can book one preferred date at a time


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